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HatBux - Hats off to HatBux!

Hello everyone, I found a new a new ptc HatBux call. The design is very nice but the trouble is that it was the design of a ptc scam was done, I mean SvBux.

I would like to HatBux not have the same SvBux future, although I recommend not investing for the time until the minimum six months leading ptc online.

HatBux gave VIP membership to the first 500 users who sign up, but now no longer the bulwark by which have already reached over 1000 users a day.

HatBux pay per click:

Click own: $ 0,007
Click Referral: $ 0,004
Classifieds day: 4
Minimum charge: The first $ 3, the second $ 5 and all of the following to $ 10.
Payment Time: 7 days
Payment methods: AlertPay
Max direct referrals: 2,000
Max referred rented: 2,000

Click own: $ 0.01
Click Referral: $ 0,005
Classifieds day: 4
Minimum charge: The first $ 3, the second $ 5 and all of the following to $ 10.
Payment Time: 6 days
Payment methods: AlertPay
Max direct referrals: 2,000
Max referred rented: 2,000

Click own: $ 0.01
Click Referral: $ 0.01
Classifieds day: 8
Minimum charge: The first $ 3, the second $ 5 and all of the following to $ 10.
Payment Time: 4 days
Payment methods: AlertPay
Max direct referrals: 2,000
Max referred rented: 2,000

The minimum charge for HatBux is $ 3 for the first payment. The second payment is $ 5, and from the third onwards is $ 10. The payments are being made by AlertPay momentarily.

At the forum HatBux, are being published all the news about the PTC, which can be very well informed. And it has several sub-forums so you can communicate with other users on HatBux.

Although they do not create paragraphs international forum such as Spanish, but if someone asks you added insurance.

Payments not there yet published, that only takes the ptc online one day, but hopefully soon see users post their payment vouchers, and to continue posting for much longer.

In the limit HatBux direct referral is as follows:

Standard 40
VIP 50
Business 80

Do not forget to read the ToS of HatBux, to avoid future problems with this total weight, and also to avoid giving HatBux complaints, and the answer was in their TOS or FAQ.

As I said, I recommend not to invest before HatBux take more than six months online, otherwise you could lose your money, and that's not the idea because we all want to make money.

Just trying to get direct referrals HatBux because if income can be made that the ptc scam, or maybe go inactive referrals.

To sign-in HatBux, do it from this link or from the banner below.

HatBux - Hats off to HatBux!


Second payment of WoraWari

Today I come back to the minimum to cash in WoraWari, and I have decided to charge. And as the first payment, I get this too soon.

To sign-in WoraWari, click on the banner below.


Server of ClixOS in maintenance

The PTC is in server maintenance, which as it says in the message of the website have had an unexpected growth. And I leave the message to become more informed.

Server Maintenance - Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

ClixOS is currently undergoing a server maintenance. Due to the unexpected growth of our program, our current server must undergo some upgrades as well as optimization in order for us to accommodate for the fast growth in sign ups and activity on ClixOS.

During the maintenance you will not be able to access the site or it's functions until it is complete. The reason why we have blocked off access is to prevent the chances of data loss. While we upgrade we will be making multiple back-ups (every 30 minutes). We do not want members to sign up and have their earnings or accounts lost after we have restored the site when the maintenance is complete. We just want to prevent issues before they arise.

During the maintenance, you will NOT be able to:
- Login to your account
- Register a new account
- Visit/Post in forums
- Surf Ads
- Set up a ad campaign

We will try to have this done as quick as possible. At the same time, we're also moving our DNS servers to an external DNS cluster. Our site has experienced heavy loads caused by high PHP and mySQL usage. Our hosting provider has advised us to separate all of these processes into different servers to prevent server overloads and crashes. Due to this, you may experience some DNS propagation issues. You may not be able to access our site until DNS is fully propagated and this varies depending on where you are in the world.

We estimate the maintenance will take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours. You will not see this page once the maintenance is complete.

Regards, Management


Changes CJBux

The CJBux admin has published a post announcing the changes that have been in the PTC. Here they leave the original post.

Dear member,

After we added security about Multi log ip, we gets tons of member cheater of cjbux (Multi account ip) and more of them compaint and want unsuspended. We doing this but we cant check one by one what this member true or not. so we making new Payment POLICY and any update about cjbux.

Any Update :
1. Standard member : received payment within 14 bussiness days, max direct refferal is 10

2. Upgrade member :received payment INSTANT via paypal and Within 24 hours via Alertpay

3. Added New "Verified Membership"
Pros :
- Instant Payment via paypal and Within 24 hours via Alertpay
- Direct ref max 25
- cheap price only 5$ for 6 month membership
- 8 ads avaliable every day

4. Added some security for member :
- Pin Cashout will be added
- Disable Chaging Personal Details (If member want changing anything about they payment processor id, must confirm in forum)

5. opening to a global moderator position (please send me support ticket with your visi and mision want to be global moderator)

6. Mini Ads will be avaliable soon

7. CSL security and DDos Protection added in April

8. Bugs with PTCPAY conection solve

We hope u enjoyed in cjbux, HAPPY CLICKING

Best regard
cjbux support team

You can see the post here:


Calls for revision of some ptc

SinLimitesPTC Now, you can request that we create a sober post any ptc, to make it known and get referrals.

Only you must enter the contact zone of the blog, and in the contact form and put your data and Revision of ptc Subject Mesage to put the name of the PTC, the url and some information.

If you want you can also send your referral link to add it to the entry and thus get some referrals.

Only one condition, the ptc you request it not be revised and published.


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